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At Florida Coastline Construction, Inc., our commitment is to construct the highest quality homes, each perfectly suited to the homeowners of Fort Myers. Working with the finest materials available, we consider the values, tastes, and priorities of each client.

Our home design and construction process are streamlined, and our commitment to exceptional customer service is unparalleled.

We can turn your dream for fine home construction into a tangible reality.

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Outstanding Home Building and Designing Services

Few undertakings are more exciting than new home construction. Every component, from the basic design and façade, to the most precise details will be up to your choosing. Your home will reflect your personality and way of living, and will offer beauty, durability and ease-of-maintenance for years to come.

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The Excitement of a New Home

Florida Coastline Construction, Inc. has over 40 years of combined experience in creating new homes. Our purpose is to offer the best quality residential construction at the most affordable prices. From the preliminary plans and sketches to the excitement of project completion and moving day, the home ownership journey will be a thrilling one.

New Home Build Consultations and Design Plans

At the first consultation, we will get a sense of the features and finishes you value most in a new home. Guiding you through our wide variety of development homes, we will show you the features you will be able to customize and adjust. We will also help you determine your color and design schemes.

To maximize your view, topography, and any unique features on your landscape, we’ll visit several times to ensure that the details are tailored to your needs.

Qualified, Experienced Custom Home Builders

You’ll be deeply impressed by our unmatched attention to detail, use of the best materials and finishes, and the degree of choice offered to you. We don’t compromise durability or quality, and each of our home builds maximizes sustainability and energy efficiency.

We prepare highly accurate estimates and timelines, ensuring that your project proceeds on schedule and within budget. We intend to exceed every expectation our clients have.

The construction process and installation will proceed swiftly and efficiently, with foundation, framing, wiring, electrical and roofing.

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Bring Your Dream Home Construction to Life with Florida Coastline Construction, Inc.

Regardless of your wishes for residential construction, you can be assured of the highest quality of service when you work with Florida Coastline Construction, Inc.. Our exceptional reputation as a home builder is the result of years of experience and proven expertise.

Starting with one of our floor plans, you can customize as much as you wish, adding the personal touches that will make your home unique.

The result will be a beautiful home, fully tailored to your needs and ready for years of enjoyable, serene living!

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